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Q: This is my first DUI. What should I do?
A: Promptly retain Colbert & Company to negotiate an alternative rehabilitative disposition (ARD) and license suspension issues. If ARD is approved, the record can be expunged after successful completion of the term and conditions of ARD.
Q: Will I lose my license if convicted of DUI?
A: Pennsylvania has mandatory license suspension for DUI, but the duration depends upon the final resolution of the offense classification. Attorneys at Colbert & Company understand the complications of licensure issues for continued employment and personal freedoms. We will work to mitigate the impact of license suspension.
Q: I refused all breath, blood, and urine tests and now I am charged with DUI. What is the best defense?
A: Refusal automatically elevates the seriousness of the case. It is imperative to get Colbert & Company on board to negotiate a reasonable and appropriate resolution.



Q: Bail is too high for me to afford bond. Can the bail be reduced?
A: Colbert & Company can present a motion for good cause why bail should be reduced. Factors include the offense and defense, relationships within the community, current stable address and length of time, family responsibilities, employment and length of time, among others.
Q: I have been arrested after police came into my home and found drugs. Isn't this against the constitution?
A: Suppression of evidence is very complex. Colbert & Company can determine whether suppression is appropriate considering whether a search warrant was issued, consent, legal ownership of the premises, plain view doctrine, and intimidation/coercion.
Q: My child is younger than 18 but has been charged as an adult. What can be done?
A: Colbert & Company can be retained to litigate transfer of the case from adult to juvenile court in a decertification proceeding. There is no absolute right for your child to be tried in juvenile court. Colbert & Company has to litigate seriousness of the charges, facts of the case, prior history, education, diagnoses, and other matters supporting rehabilitative conditions.
Q: I was riding in the car when my friend had a gun. All of us in the car have been charged. That's not fair. Can you help me?
A: Colbert & Company can help you fight the charges of possession of a firearm and constructive possession as well. Possession is what it means – control of the gun. Constructive possession is technical – it means knowledge and the ability to control the gun. Each case is factually dependent and a good interview is required.


Q: Our Construction Company cannot get paid for work performed. Can you help?
A: The attorneys at Colbert & Company have handled millions of dollars of construction claims. Retain us as soon as you “knew or should have known” that the project had issues in order to protect and enforce your claim.


Q: An oil and gas pipeline is supposed to go through our property. What should I do to protect myself.
A: The impact of an oil and gas pipeline may result in years of issues that have to be addressed up front. Financial gain is possible with the legal representation of Colbert & Company.